Playing back to more than one output

I’ve got 8 on the card - only one works

I have a Layla 24 sound card. It says it has 8 outs. I can select several in the Ntrack preferences - but sound is only directed to One pair.
What am I doing wrong?

When you activate output(s) (in the Playback Vu meter settings), n-Track will create another Master section for that output(s). Then you must select in each Track Properties where you want that track to output. Make sense?


Thanks for ht e answer.
Actually, it only makes since if I am mixing to another computer (I guess that would be the use) but as a way to select and listen to the sound I am working on through different speakers - that makes it pretty impractical to use.
I just tried setting up a blank track and sending a group to an AUX channel and then settin the channel and that did give me a way to do it. So, your answer helped.
But, there ought to be a better way.
If anyone knows, please post.

If your mixing from D-to-A then you need a desk with as many inputs as you have tracks from your sound-card… But… You need to combinsate for latencies, and all… But I think it’s what’s called mixing… “Outside-of-the-Box”… It’s getting back to the '80’s way of mixing… But with no tape deck…

The routing is called from A-D > D-A > A-D… Well… something like that…