playing MIDI notes in piano roll

If I mouse-click on the piano roll keyboard in a MIDI track that is output to the Microsoft softsynth, the notes are played. However, if I change the output to a softsynth such as sfz or vsampler, the notes don’t play when clicking on the keyboard. Playing the track works fine. I just can’t click on the keyboard to hear the note pitch.

Anyone else see this? Any suggestions? I’m pretty sure this used to work in an earlier build a long, long time ago.


Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if it’s just me before I fire off a note to Flavio.

You need to be in LIVE mode for plugin instruments to play when you’re not in “play” or “record” mode.

Also, though I think this is just with Native Instruments B4, I need to do something and hit “undo” before it will play. Not sure why. I’m running version 3.3.

Ahh, that did the trick. Thanks learjet.