Playing selection is not very precise


Just checking out the demo, seems very interesting, nice layout and logical user interface :slight_smile:

But I have found some strange things when looping a part of the song by playing selection. There are quite a time gab from the loop end untill it starts from loop start! Is it only on my machine that it does so?

Check the links to see and hear examples:
–loop1: looping 2 beats with clicks on each 16th note. Note
–the gaps after the last click in each loop.
–loop2: Looping 1 16th note. The next note is eq’ed different
–to be able to hear if it is also played. It is played, but it
–should not. Also just strange clicking.

Chill and good sounds

I also noticed time gaps when looping some midi track selections in v3.3.

I have this problem in 4.0.3. Reducing the buffer sizes helps a little but doesn’t cure the problem.

It sounds to me as if ntrack doesn’t know it has to loop until the very last moment and by then it is too late.

Right, the loop feature isn’t “dead-on”. My suspicion is that it works in complete buffers; whenever starting the loop over, it starts at the beginning of the first buffer rather than the precise point in the buffer. (For this reason, Paulie’s recommendation helps: reducing the buffer size.) Furthermore, I think there might be a time gap between playing the end and starting the loop over. I suspect this is lower with a faster CPU, and might also depend on buffer settings.

It would be nice if n-Track did loops exactly, using a little “thinking ahead”. It’s great to be able to practice a part to a few looped measures. I do this with n-Track, but I have to keep in mind that the tempo falls apart a bit at the loop end, even when I work to pick the very best endpoints.

It would also make it possible to use MIDI “add notes” record mode and put together a drum rhythm by slowly adding parts, much as you can with hardware drum machines. In the past when I’ve tried recording MIDI in loops, notes recorded after the first time through weren’t handled correctly. But that was back in V3.1 or so, and I haven’t messed with it since – because the timing throws me off anyway.