Playing SFZ ...

NSKIT drumsamples

Hi - I’ve a bit of trouble with “playing” the SFZ sampler with NS-Kit drum-samples (the samples, not the soundfont).

When I record/draw midi and route to sfz, then it works. When playing “live” with the midi-keyboard it doesn’t.

Recording the midi does work too, but while recording I don’t hear any samples played, and that’s is just a tiny bit difficult.

Has anyone noticed the same ? Does anyone knows the magic fix ?


Can you hear other VSTi in live or is this one the only problematic?

Well - I can play e.g. the “MS-software synth” live (but with quite some delay :wink: ).

Forget it all folks … it just works. Ever hear about midi channels ???
Well, now you have … Well, now IIIIII have !