please check my new song "Travelers"

4th song on the page is called Travelers

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uses electronic drums with NSKit - my first attempt at this. Some notes didn’t trigger on time and I’ve been tweaking it manually note by note. Not quite done, but I wanted some opinions since at thias point it’s a close approximation to what I had in mind.

Please share your opinions. Thanks

overall, pretty good. I kinda felt like there were some timing issues in the beginning with the instuments not lining up. I’d like to hear more lead guitar during the solo. More harmonica too! Bass is too heavy for my taste in the beginning, but gets better as the song progresses. The harmonies are overall, but in the first verse it sounded like there were a couple notes out of tune on the voice that was panned to the right. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work

My 2 cents. :)

The drums needs strength. I mean a little more volume. Like leave the cymbals and hi-hats and all at the current volume. Bump the kick drum a little. Bump the snare a little.

In general I would recommend if you were to raise the kick and snare up 2 notches then kick up the rhythm guitar like 1 notch or something.

I like the guitar the way it’s played but the drums make it sound stiff. Meaning the guitar is played with some feeling, like flowing with the music but having fun. But the drums are so mechanical that they drag the guitar down.

And more harmonica volume. Maybe pan guitar right and pan harmonica left.

In other words, all instruments feel played good (except the drums) and the volumes are a little off. And the drums just need a little more thumping sounds/strength and maybe should be a little off here and there. :)

Really like the way the guitar is played on “O’dcha”. :)

Have Fun. :)