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Hi all, Long time N-Track User – new Forum member…

Please let me know what you think of my newest work.

real reverby and glossy. .


I like the tune, I really like the vocals. A really mellow tune.

I would like the vocals to come up.

It would also be interesting to have a more of a synth sound in place of or in addition to the piano?

Yeah, bring up the vox or maybe just add more meat to them as they hare very brttle sounding and might benefit from more mid/lows. Also, in the piano tracks you can hear some clicky weirdness… a squeaky pedal perhaps? I would hunt that noise down and kill it. From an arrangment standpoint, it gets very repetitive. At some point I wanted to hear the tune open up a bit. Some simple drums, maybe a little bass and acoustic guitar? Also, perhaps a click track would be good as I sense some wander in the tempo.

Quote (brydarn @ Nov. 07 2006,02:32)
Hi all, Long time N-Track User -- new Forum member..

Please let me know what you think of my newest work.

real reverby and glossy. .


I like the vocals and the tune a lot. But Bubba is right it needs a little work on the song to open it up a little. I was beginning to waver after two and a half minutes. The slight change in the piano at the end of the song could come a little earlier. Also, maybe you could consider putting a couple of layers behind the piano at different stages just to renew the interest and build the song to the end. A nice string sound would be good.
I think this is good but I also think it could develop into something very good!
Love the Vox by the way, Well done.


Thanks everyone for your comments…

The clikcing is there on purpose… I like to do these recordings in one session… and make them really etherical… lots of reverb… etc – its acutally my fingers hitting the keys as im playing…my keyboard… and the hum you hear in the begining is a reverb feedback loop bleeding through my cheap headphones. … hehe… :)

However , ,I do agree with the comment that its a bit repetitious… maybe ill spice it up a bit with some left channel lace… ( distant harmony… etc) just to break it up a bit…



Immediately made me think “McCartney!”…

Kick ass sound and mix …

But here’s my constructive criticism should you be interested:

Wicked potential - although at 1:38 I needed a change from the chords - this could be a sweeping dramatic song but it’s not - because it’s just the same riff over and over - it needs a change - a climax.

Keep it up!


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