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:cool: Could someone please help me in the art of recording one track at a time!. I have version 3.1, and, evertime I try to record a separate track, it records the track I have just finished with. I have clicked on Do Not Record on the previous tracks, and have held Ctrl…How the #### do I record shit, track by track…for cryin’ out loud!!! :angry:

You have to look at the Windows Volume control/mixer deal. Click on the speaker icon in the system tray and pick Options->Properties->Recording.

Make sure that WAV or WHAT U HERE (for some Creative Labs cards) is not selected as the recording source. Switch it to Line In or Mic in, whatever you really want it to be.

This must be the number question for the forum these days…No, I am not knocking you at all pianopumper…I am just wondering if there was a way to post this info…at the start of the forum…such a critical piece of info.

This is over on the FAQ page. It may not be ovbious enough that this is usually the problem.


2.e - Q: I’m having feedback problems (the tracks recorded after the first all contain the preceding tracks)
Make sure you have selected the correct recording sources, and disabled all the other sources you are not using, in particular the “Wave Out” source. To do so:
run the Windows Volume Control (Start Menu/Accessories/Multimedia (or Entertainment in Windows 98)). Chose the Options/Properties menu command, select your soundcard and click on the “Recording” radio button. In the options dialog box make also sure that all the relevant signals are not hidden: the dialog box shows a list of the sources the mixer will show, and sometimes important sources may be hidden by default. After you click on OK the mixer will show the view of all the recording controls. Now remove the checkmark below the level slider of all the sources you don’t plan to use, or don’t know what they are for. Usually you will only need “Line In” or “Mic in”.
Some soundcards (such as some Gravis’s) always record the wave output on one channel (left or right) so to avoid feedback is necessary to pan all output to the other channel.
The “Getting Started/Setting the recording levels” help topic contains a brief explanation of how a soundcard internal mixer works.