please help me improve the vocals sound!

our new song

hey weve just finished recording our new song, but have noticed the vocals dont sound great, there are no effects which could be why they sound kind of flat and dull.
please download and play and song and give me any feedback, especially on how to improve the sound of the vocals (ie any simple effects).
The Yubious - What You Really Wanted

Your link is dead.

Ok Bubba try this one.
Link to song page
That will save you alot of ping-ponging around to other sites.
I don’t think Geocities allows third party downloads, then again the link could just be shot.
I went to the site and found this link marked, “so new it doesn’t have a name yet”…hope it’s the one.

Try doubling up the vocal track, just make a copy of it, and offset it slightly, works for me.
BTW, I noticed your page mentioned your a member of soundclicks. You might be better off just posting a link to that page.
Shameless self-promotion.