please help me improve the vocals sound!

vocals sound bad

hey weve just finished recording our new song, but have noticed the vocals dont sound great, there are no effects which could be why they sound kind of flat and dull.
please download and play and song and give me any feedback, especially on how to improve the sound of the vocals (ie any simple effects).

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hey man no wot u mean,its cos theres lack of bandwith on that site, no any gd places 2 upload files?

This should be a better link What You Really Wanted

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Nope, Yubious, still can’t get it. :(

Try this guys

That’s the link to his song page, not shure if there’s a link to the actual song on it, but hey, I tried.

I did not listen to your song, but can tell you that vocals usually need compression, EQ and reverb to sound okay.

Start by compressing the vocal track with a ratio of 4:1, an attack of 5ms, a release of 500ms and a threshold of -12dB. Listen to just the vocal track and try making small EQ tweaks, usually a small 2dB boost at 250Hz, a 2dB cut at 500Hz and sometimes a 2dB boost at 4kHz will help the sound. These are general guidelines, and you may need other tweaks, but usually they are no more than 3dB plus or minus. No EQ is better than incorrect EQ.

Now, you are ready to add reverb. Leave the vocal track soloed so you only hear it and not the music. First, determine the beats per minute of the song and compute the millisecond (ms) timing of a quarter note by dividing BPM into 15,000. If the number is more than 100, keep halfing until it drops below 100ms. For instance, a song with 90BPM will give you a quarter note value of 15,000/90=166, half of 166 is 83. When you get your final number, use that for the ms of predelay. You are doing this because typical predelays should run between 30ms and 100ms. For reverb room size, start with about 1/3 of the size available. Same with early reflections. Set dry to 0dB (100% on some reverbs) and start with wet at minimum and slowly bring up the wet level until you just hear a difference in the vocal, but the dominant sound is the vocal, not the reverb. Most beginners use too much reverb. We are talking about 20% reverb to 100% dry. Now go back and tweak room size and early reflections to make the vocals sound like they take place in the same acoustic environment as where you would expect the music to be performed. When you have the vocal sounding pretty good by itself, un-solo the vocal track so you can hear all of the other tracks. You may have to add a bit more vocal reverb to make it sound good in the mix.

This is a rough guide to vocal reverb, but it should get you started.

Okay, if we’re talking about the same song…i.e. TBC.mp3 from Jeremysdemo’s link. If we’re not talking about the same song, then please think me foolish and disregard the foregoing…

IMHO The vocal track seems to exist in a narrow sonic range…somewhere around 2k to 8k, there seems to be very little low end content. The reverb is creating a lot of content in the upper ranges (I would say too much, it’s really emphasising the lip, and breath noise and sibilance). The lack of low end resonence makes is sound kind of “telephony” - you know that limited bandwidth sound. I’d start by creating a new mix - import all of the tracks and start over with a clear effects palate and clear eq then go at it again. By the way what mic did you do the vocals with?

The guitar line is a nice catchy line…


You say you don’t have any effects on it. But it clearly has reverberation on it - along with booms from breathing at 2:09, and again at 3:14 in the backing vocal. The reverberation must be from the room. Was the vocal recorded near a wall or a reflective surface, like a music stand? Describe the recording setup, including microphone and preamp. :)

Quote (Yubious @ Nov. 28 2004,17:53)
hey weve just finished recording our new song, but have noticed the vocals dont sound great, there are no effects which could be why they sound kind of flat and dull.
please download and play and song and give me any feedback, especially on how to improve the sound of the vocals (ie any simple effects).

Before you even start fiddling with the knobs, you might really want to ask yourself what sort of environment you want this recording to be.

A small live club?
Close intimate in-your-face?
Rocking number?
Completely studio effected stuff?

All these things dictate on what effect and processing you want to do with your vocals.

Does the tone of your vocal track gets lost in the mix? Muddy? Too bright? You might want to try cutting some low eq if its too muddy and boost the mid/highs just a little if cutting alone doesnt work..Vice versa if its too bright.

Next, if your vocal's level are all over the should add some compression to tone it a bit but not too much where there's no dynamic..its up to you.

Next, did you decide what environment you want your recordings to be in?

Any room-like ambience could use some reverb. Aux busses are the best to insert your favorite reverb plug because you can control the ratio of your dry signal and wet signal so you can dictate how close you want the vocal to be or further away without losing too much clarity.

I find that the best rock songs with the in your face vocal works best with a delay rather than a reverb. A little slap-back delay like say a subtle 30-50 ms works really well with rockin guitars.

If you know the sound you crave in your head and you know your gear well, with practice you can translate your imaginary landscapes to your mix...thats why I advise against becoming a gear-head.

Good luck

Second what Wnderer said. But the unprocessed sound is bad enough to start with that I wouldn’t even worry about EQing and such until you figure out what’s going on in the room. :)

The vocals changed in the mix slightly before 2 minutes. I like the vocals overall but they could use some compression & digital delay IMO.

Also the guitar is alittle hot in the mix & it sounds up front which means that it doesn’t have much or any reverb on it. The guitar sounds slightly out of tune to me.

Nix the fake drums (hand claps) & tighten up the rhythm.

Hope this helps.

Yubious, you really need to find a site to host your files that do not limit bandwidth like Yahoo/Geocities. Try . They can help you out with web space for posting stuff. After two or three listens, Geocities is going to shut you down everytime. I have gotten a site down message every time I tried to connect.