Please help me solve this problem had for yrs.

Wav beat file and chorus copying.

How to systematically copy and paste choruses in n-track. Whats the easiest way in doing it.

Ok lets say I DL a beat/instumental from a cd or this this beat website,.

1. I DL or record instrumental from website or cd.
2. Open N-Track and import the instumental .wav file in a new session.
3. I see wav file in the timeline.
My question is when doing the choruses, how do I copy and paste it in beat with N-track grid/bars.

The way I would usually copy and paste choruses, is I had to paste it and move each chorus manually in beat with the instrumental.

I want to know the easier way in doing this, like most guys with pro-tools.

If you set the tempo of the song in n-Track to be the same as the tempo of the wav file and then line up the wav file with the tempo grid it should be easy to copy and paste sections if you have snap to grid turned on. Either set it to measure or beat depending on what works best depending on where teh chorus starts.


Thnaks for your reply.

But I dont get it. I turn on grid. Set it to beat. Then mess with the BPM. I try to set it to match the first 4 notes, but a few secs later in the track, it goes off beat.

I seen people in the studio use pro-tools. Pro-tools automatically detects it. Is there software that I can use that will auto detect the BPM?I tried 81.10, 81.15, 81.20, 81.32. You name it. The first 30secs its in beat, than its starts going off.

To make it easier on what Im talking about.

heres the direct DL of the beat Im using :…nt=song

1. DL MP3.
2. Please tell me how to get this set up for the grid?

Tell me “click by click” please.



Found my solution:

WhoooHooo. Yrs of torture now I dont have to buy pro-tools!!!

w00t w00t!!! :)

you guys know what im new and i tried to do it how it says in the help tutorial :shift-cont-v and it pasted in another track what up with that?

If you want to paste to an existing track you have to highlight the part of the existing track you want to paste to.

Otherwise it pastes to a new track


Quote (qballshalls2002 @ Jan. 18 2006,00:53)
… Found my solution:

So after living with this new thang for almost 24 hours… is it still the bees knees? Did it work with your loop?