Please Help Me

Recording issues

I am having trouble with n-track…

Every time I record a new track…it contains the new audio, plus all of the audio from the other tracks.

I am assuming that for some reason, my sound card is adding the playback signal to the recording signal.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?


You should be able to correct that problem in your soundcard mixer properties.

What soundcard are you using and what input of your soundcard are you using?
Really you want to use the Line In and make sure it is selected as the recording device in your soundcards mixer.
In n-Track, navigate to View > Soundcard’s mixer > Recording controls … make sure “Line In” is selected.

I’m using a SB audigy 2 zs platinum pro.

I tried what you suggested and realized that there were multiple inputs selected. By only selecting the one I am using (Line In 3) it fixed the problem. Thank you very much for your help!