Please help, people!

This is critical.

Hello, my name is Scott Agirs and Im 17 years old now, ever since i remember myself i tried to make my own music, but until now i had like a veeery great problem which was - beat, i didn't have beat. now ive got it one good man gave me it i was waiting for it like 2 years or something… with saying waiting i mean searchin. so…
now the next greatest issue i`m having right now is software to record my tracks AND PLEASE READ THIS ALL IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME, anyway i am very poor guy from a very poor family, that’s the exact reason why i couldn’t make my music for such a long time… and as i am a poor guy i REALLY can’t afford to pay so much money for software but it is vitaly important for my dream therefore i must ask, i must beg you - could you please help me out? i really dont have to nescessary money, but the software is just awesome and i really need it i thought maybe you could help me get to my dream and help me with this, all i am asking for is a couple digits so i could activate the software.

I actually am begging you.

Sincerally, Scott.

I hope you read it and atleast thought about it…
Image yourself as me.

Hi Hugh!


“Image” yourself with a job.

Hold on people he could be a starving musical genius and make the world a better place with his music, bringing peace and serenity to a troubled planet…Nah - unlikely. No just a thief trying to pinch Flavio’s hard work - go and steal someone else’s software.

I’m closing this thread, it has nothing to do with n-Track and everything to do with a free hand out… Pointless.