Please help. This ver happened...

I’ve been using n-Track for years and just purchased the latest upgrade 4.0.3.

This is my problem and it has NEVER happened before. I’ll keep it simple and in simple terms; I record a rhythm guitar track on track one and save it. Now I add a second track where I want to play lead guitar over the rhythm track I previously recorded. I record. When I play the recording back–the second track, the lead guitar LAGS and is out of time to the rhytym track (track 1).

Can someone please help me?



Things to try (the usual suspects):

If you’re using a SoundBlaster Live or other card that works natively in 48kHz, make sure you’re set for recording at 48kHz (Preferences). These cards will mostly work in 44.1 kHz, but the internal conversion from 48k to 44.1k causes problems like this.

Preferences -> Options: uncheck both boxes for "Use System Timer for"

Preference -> Audio Devices: Try ASIO, then WDM, then MME devices, and see which works best for you. (You may not have all these options.)

Preferences -> Audio Devices -> Advanced -> Keep Devices Open (try both settings)

If you’re using effects on the rhythm track, make sure “Compensate for plugin latency” is checked, but it should be by default. (I don’t remember where that is.)

Of course, always use the latest drivers from your soundcard manufacturer’s website.

Hey, thanks a lot for the reply and your thoughts on this, Jeff–

I appreciate it!

Will try all you suggested.

Thanks again…