please help


hello everyone!
I’m new here so take it easy on me!
my question is very simple:
(with n-track)how do i record the vocals in one channel and the beat in another one
while they are both playing???

like…les say:
i push record,start playing the beat in windows media player and lace the vocals while the beat is playing.but i need to record them on diferent chanels(so i can get the accapella)

you know what i mean?


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That said - I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking.

It sounds like you want to assign the two to separate channels - like vocal on left and beat on right?

It would be easier to import the beat into n-Track first (It will covert it to wav) then record vocal in seperate track to get solo or a capella vocal ???

Is that what you are asking about doing ?

yup…kind of!
but i want to hear the beat on the speakers while im recording the vocals!
long story short…i wanna hear the beat but i want the program to record only the vocals(the vocals and of inevitably that lil bit of background music captured by the microphone)

What you can do may depend on your sound card. But you should be able to send the click track (beat?) to head phones. If you want to record the beat to a track, you can them click to record a new track that is completely free of information from the first track. Then us the programs mixer to combine of mute the sound syou no longer want.
There is a pretty good tutorial at the front of the Ntrack manual. The program is pretty powerful with a lot of features you will enjoy. You would probebly get some good ideas from looking that tutorial over. Doesn’t mean you are not free to ask questions here! This is a great forum with lots of helpful people.


listening to previously recorded tracks on playback over speakers while recording over a microphone is problematic, especially if the microphone signal is set up to come over the same speakers (deafening feedback). Headphones are the way to go when recording with a microphone.

listening to prerecorded tracks over speakers while recording using a microphone can be problematic, especially if the microphone signal is coming through those speakers as well (deafening feedback). Headphones are the way to go when recording via microphone.

There is a way to do it but it’s tricky - you just send a mono signal to the speakers then switch the phase at the speaker leads and dead center your mike. The playback cancels out (depending on the mike and it’s correct placement). I use to use that set up when recording kids sing along projects. Allows them all to just sing with the track and not use headphones.

What I’ve done as well is to go to the playback options for the computer (the one that has the options for “master”, “line in”, “cd”, “synth”, “wave”, and all that) and mute either the “line in” stripe or “mic in”, whichever you’re using to record. Then you just get bleedover from the playback, but no feedback loop from mic.