Plug in Amp Modelers (free)

Just wondering if anyone can guide me to free plug in amp modelers or effect.

I have been using a Variax guitar which allows me to record two outputs at once. One I run through a POD XTL with all the modeling and effects. The other I record dry.

I would like to learn how to do some simple reamping on the dry track without running it back through the XTL which is not practical for me.

Anyone know of any free amp tools.


Tony is always the best place to go when you’re looking for plugs.
You can search for specific stuff… including free vs. commercial

Here’s just a few from them:

People ask this question every few weeks it seems! lol

I use these a lot, particularly the Tube Screamer.

FreeAmp is a good one.

That tube screamer is a good one. I have a TS9 and they are sooo close. They really did a great job.