Plug in Delay Compensation

not too old to rock n roll but…

not sure if i dare post another plea for help, the last one frustrated a lot of great minds.
Does ntrack support plug in delay compensation. I’m talking ntrack version 4 here.
Now if it doesnt & the new n track does is it possible to run two versions of ntrack simultaneously on the same pc.
Basically I need this PDC facility but have got a batch of songs I’m working on comfortably in version4 & really dont want to lose it.



I can’t remember if version 4 has that ability or not. It would be in the Settings/preferrences if it does.
I don’t know if 4 and 6 can coexist on the same computer. I would certainly want to keep the files I was working on seperate as 6 can convert 4 but 4 cannot convert 6 (changes made it 6 will confuse version 4.) There is little reason not to upgrade to 6 - the interface/controls are the same except for new features, and 6 is proving to be stable and fast.

Check settings - preferences - options. I don’t have ver 4 so I wouldn’t know.
This is 6’s view…

ooops! marked the wrong one - you get the point!

In Settings /Preferences /Audio Devices/Advanced I get a box that just says “Compensation” & is set to 0. The help file says:
“Use a negative value if the new tracks sound delayed or a positive value if new tracks sound too early (the program will shift new tracks to the right by the amount specified, or if the compensation is negative the shift will be towards the left)”.
Is this PDC, are these values Samples or Milliseconds or what?. It doesn’t sound very sophisticated.
I’m ready to upgrade but I’ve been working on these songs for a year, I’m frightened of leaving the house in case it burns down & I lose everything!!! I dont want to complicate everything by changing to a new unfamiliar version.
This has all come about because I’ve just bought Drumagog to try to improve the drum kit sound & its introducing a lot of latency.
Rock n roll is giving me grey hairs (& thats something cos I’m 55 & my hairs already white!)


Not very well if at all…It is something I begged for during the last round of beta testing. Compensating for plugin latency has nothing to do with shifting tracks. That is the compensation for sound card/driver latency.
I haven’t delved into this recently. I am afraid to check that box in preferences because all during the beta tests it instantly crashed my machine. Some of my plugs have 500ms of latency (Waves stuff, direct X) and they have been unusable. I try to use the vst versions and most (not all) seem to work because the vst versions only have about 1 ms latency. Maybe i will try again but I’m not holding my breath :wink: