Plug-in noise filter

Looking for a good noise filter

Any recommended plug-in noise filters (not a noise gate) that inverts a sample of the noise and cancels it out?

I don’t know if a plugin for that job. You might try a .wav editor like Adobe Audition or Sound Forge. Google up Audacity or Goldwave for a couple of free editors to try. I have been playing with a friends PC and Adobe Audition. You can capture a noise profile then remove it from the .wav. It works really well.


PS Magix Studio 2005 (~$70) has noise removal besides being a complete DAW package. It does not seem to do as good a job as Audition but I can’t afford Audition at the moment. Santa has taken all my money!!!

In addition to gtr4him’s response:

The best noise reduction can’t be done in real-time or as an in-line filter, so you won’t find it as a DX or VST plug-in. It’s best done as a separate step. You should clean up a track before bringing it into nTrack.

Pristine Sounds, Sound Forge, Audition, CoolEdit 2000 all have good denoising tools. I’m told that the free Audacity also has a de-noise tool, but I haven’t tried it.

Right – but you can easily clean it up while it’s in n-Track. Just click on the wave part in the timeline, and click the “sound editor” toolbar button. The first time, you’ll have to tell n-Track which wave editor to use.

Free wave editors include CoolEdit96 (16-bit files only) and Audacity (not sure how well it works – it STINKS at pitch shifting!)

BTW, a plugin could be made where you first record a bit of “silence” including only the noise, feed that into a gizmo, and then the filter plugin would filter the noise on the fly using a convolution (working the way SIR does, but feeding it the noise sample rather than an impulse file).


I have WaveLab Lite that came bundled with my Emu card. It does a fine job of pitch shifting. I have this one song I done where my Strat solo track was a few cents flat. Dialed it right in with WaveLab Lite with no noticeable “weirdness”. The full blown WaveLab is something like 600 bucks though…:frowning: :(


I´ve also got that WaveLab Lite with Emu. Its nice, but I still I was a little dissapointed that it did not have any noise removal. I’m qurious about such a plug-in myself!