pluggins in version 4.0

I’m having trouble with the newest version of n-track. I loaded it on my old computor (amd athelon 650 with 128 ram) and I can’t get it to load the effects. It just shows the seaching bar at the bottom going on and on. I’ve left for up to an hour and a half and it never loads. Anyone have any ideas for me? I know it’s an old and clutterred computor but it’s what I have to work with for now.
It does record but if I want it to do so without lots of pops and digital errors I have to turn the buffering way up. :(

sounds like a problem with the vst scan program-I’d recommend you try reinstalling n-track and reset the default preferences and see if it works.

v4’s default installation folder is different to the one I had v3.3 in (and, consequently, my vst etc. folder). During installation, I asked it to put v4 in the old folder. This may have (inadvertantly) avoided this problem.

Also, I think you can specify the path to the vst folder in “preferences”. Yes you can, I just checked.

Mike F