Plugin's crashing nTrack

I have numerous plug-ins that I use from PSP Audio. Sometiomes they get into a wierd state where if I adjust the Mix or Vol knobs, it causes nTrack to crash. They don’t always do this, but I’ve have an nTrack song file where all the PSP plug-ins I use, crash when I adjust parameters on them. I posted on PSP’s forums & they indicated that’s it’s probably not their plug-in’s causing the crash, but the interaction between the two.

Has anyone seen this, and if so, how do I fix it?


Post your VST dump file so we can see where it crapped out.

Where would the “VST dump file” be located - in my VST’s folder?

Search for vstdat.log

I have a vstdat.dat file in my nTrack directory. Is is a binary or text file, i.e., how do I look at it?

VSTDAT.DAT is a binary file. You need VSTDAT.LOG

Open it with Notepad or Wordpad. It’s text.



No such file on my entire computer?

Where are you looking? It might be in a hidden folder, such as C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data
-Track Studio
or your own login folder.

The newer versions of n-Tracks don’t use the one in C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4
anymore…at least the version on my laptop is that way.

There will be one if you ever ran n-Tracks and started scanning for vst plug-ins. Since you have vstdata.dat there should be a log as well…somewhere.

That file is not deleted every time. It’s appended to, so all past scans are in there since the last install.

There are no nTrack directories in any Application data directory on my machine. This file doesn’t exist.

Which version of n-Tracks are you using? That was added in build 1721 (V4), December 3, 2004. Build 1516 (V3.3) doesn’t have it.

All you can do is get rid of the plug-ins until the problem goes away. Then you know which one is the problem.

My bad - I should have stated I’m still using 3.3.

Mike, you might consider stepping up to V4.0.5 Build 1846. We use it at church with a MOTU 24I/O. I track 16+ channels at 24/48 with it. No problem. The VST scan log is just one neat enhancement Flavio put in V4.

The new beta builds are getting better all the time but, if rock solid stabilty is your main goal… V4.0.5 Build 1846 is there. (At least for me!)


I was going to switch to 4.x but I kept hearing all those bad reports on CPU usage, itself. Plus, you never switch to version 4 of anything - right? :laugh:

Mr. Soul: I was a long-time user of v3 when I started having crashes from various vst plugins also. Endorphin was the worst offender. Now, my PC is a family PC so the kids and wife surf the web install junk and who knows what else. So, I bit the bullet and reinstalled XP and n v.3 (and all the other stuff the family uses). In fact, I partitioned my hard drive so I could set up a drive just for my recording. Well, I’m going on five months now and n just keeps working like a champ (with plugins), along with all the other junk the family does. I haven’t even found the need to install n in the separate partition.

So, if you’ve been using the PC with other applications, or have installed/uninstalled stuff, you may be due for a reinstall. Especially if you know it worked in the past, but now it doesn’t work.

You using XP? Win98 is even worse. I hear that registry cleaners may also do the job, but for some reason I avoided them.

Good luck, I know how frustrating this can be. Reinstalls are an incredible time waster, by the way.

Thanks. I’m actually using Win2000. This crashing does not happen to all my nTrack projects & it seems to be related to how many or which plug-ins I’m using. I notified the plug-in maker but they don’t think it’s necessarily their plug-in causing the problem, based on the description & the fact that the same plug-ins work just fine in other projects.

PC dedicated to n-track, or do you install other stuff?


Have you tried the PSP plugins on another machine?
Sounds like a classic case of plugin designers not wanting to be bothered (or not having the know how)