plugins I just have to have

or do I have everything?

Well, I am trying to beef up my plugin list. I have added verbs and delays (thanks for the recommendations, and keep them coming). I have some compressors, but if there are some good free ones I just have to have, please recommend. What else should I look at? I have the classic series plugs, and love them. but what else?


Get to REALLY know your armor before adding more artillery to your gear list otherwise you end up being a gear addict and not really making music out of em.
I REDUCED my plugin list to the ones that sound good to me and focused on limiting what I can do with them just so i can focus on my compositions.

I recorded 6 tracks thus far and mixed 3 of em…thats a lot more work done in the span of a few months than fishing for plugins

It would help if you listed what you’ve already got. Anyway, my favourite compressors at the moment comes from digital fishphones, called BLOCKFISH .

If you need color, you’ve got it. To more subtle things I use N-tracks compressor and multiband compressor.

most plug ins r a loada codswallop sez moi’’’’‘cos dey fake yung uns inta finkin dey can replace twenty yrs o recordin engineer wiv lubbly bubbly pluggies’’’’‘in lotta cases dey is mukkin up fings mor n elpin’’’’’ :D :D

I gotta agree, less is more. :)

I give the Kjaerhus Classical series plugins my vote… - whenever I try to use the DigitalFishPhones plugins I have n-Track BSOD on me every f***ing time when I try to render a track… - tried everything, everything, everything, bar installing another soundcard. The Classical series plugins works, no hassle, no efforts, clean, great sound (don’t like most of the settings on DFP plugins anyway), tweakable within reason… the list goes on.

regards, Nils

Quote (Nils K @ Jan. 13 2005,02:28)
Whenever I try to use the DigitalFishPhones plugins I have n-Track BSOD on me every f***ing time when I try to render a track... - tried everything,

There was some discussion on the matter on audiominds forum. The problem was deemed to be a conflict between Digitalfishphone and certain other brand of plugin. (I can't remember which one, anyway I was considering getting that but I didn't because I already got Blockfish that works perfectly and really like it. Some like the other barnd more and didn't get Blockfish).

Point being, the problem is not necessarily in Digitalfishphone. Mine works without a problem.

Here’s the discussion

Sinus plugs were the incompatible ones.

I don’t have any Sinus plug-ins, in fact, I’ve never heard of them. The culprit has to be somewhere else… (This neither accuses nor rules out the DFP plugs themselves)

regards, Nils