Organizing in N-Track

Hey all,

While reading through a topic on another site (KVR Plugin Organization discussion I began to wonder if it is possible in N-Track to organize plugins by their manufacturer or function…i.e. reverbs, compressors, echo, etc.? I know they all go in the VST directory, but is it possible to make subdirectories and store the different types of plugins that way?

Like this in N-Track:
Program Files
VST Plugins

I think it would be easier find and eliminate those that are unused. I don’t do it this way now but, after accruing what seems like a zillion of these things, I am considering it. HOWEVER, if I open a previous project will N be able to find the plugins if I move them to the new subdirectories?

How do you guys do it?


Yep, I’ve got plugins arranged like that and n-track finds them no problem.

As long as the folders are under one of the main Vst search folders that is configured in n-track you can move them around as you wish.

If you use folders, however, you still get one big list in the effects dialogue - which is a shame. If n-track could display the plugins in a tree structure that reflects the folder structure on disk it would make finding the effects easier.


Hi g8torcliff:
That’s a great Idea… I was sure that back in the early builds of v4 there became a utility in the plugins of n-Track for that very same purpose… I began to organize my list of plugs and very soon I strayed away from doing that… I don’t know why… Maybe, it was because I removed a bunch of plugs that I used very seldom… I think that I now navigate to a fewer number of plugs and I’ve trimmed the fat from the plug folder, as a result of going to a smaller number of plugs…


Thanks guys…

Yup, I think its a pretty good idea too. I just wanted to be sure I didn’t get the “plugin not found” screen when I open an old project.

X: that would be nice if N displayed them grouped that way also…

Guess i’ll give it a try.

Thanks again,