PMS - Mark The Calendar Video

My PMS Public Service Announcement is up

OK I finished my first TV production Public Service Announcement last night for school. It’s called “Mark The Calendar” and we had a blast making it. I prerecorded the music at home and then we mixed it right into the live feed.

Any way this was my first CHEEEEZY production, but the girls loved the idea. I hope you guys like it.

Mark The Calendar

Does anyone know how to convert MP4’s to something more user friendly???


Rats, wont play on this computer, might try at home, I’m not downloading another player on this PC for it.
If you could convert to mp3, you might get better response.
-Sorry, I’ll try from another PC.

OK I know a lot of you guys couldn’t open this file, but I got it fixed to work in windows. It’s a lot smaller in size now (850KB) and make sure you press your “F5 key” when you get to the site, to clear the old link off and refresh your machine.

Hope you guys enjoy it; I’m getting some hilarious e-mails about it, people are digging this!!!