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Need stronger signal

Hi there! I’m very much a newbie at the recording game so please pardon my ignorance in asking what’s probably an easy question.

I have a LINE 6 POD that I love. I’m trying to record all the guitars through it but the signal isn’t very strong. I tried using a BLUE TUBE preamp to boost the signal but it sacrifices the tone. Once I get the signal level I want, the sound is too overdriven to use (it no longer sounds like what’s coming out of the POD).

Is there something in the n-Track software that will boost the incoming signal without distorting it?


You could try normalizing the track after recording - however, that adds noise.

I’ve had this problem with my POD, especially since I got a Telecaster guitar with single coil pick-ups instead of my old Les Paul guitar which had humbuckers.

Single-coil pick-ups have less output than humbuckers, but (at least to my taste) a better and more malleable sound. I got a pair of diMarzio pickups refitted to the guitar, and that helped a bit.

However, since I am using the old MK I POD (not the MK II retrofit or the POD XT) I found out that turning the master volume and/or the channel volume slightly after powering on the unit, the sound level changes (‘jumps’, actually) into a level better reflecting the knob setting. This might be an issue with your POD, depending on the guitar/POD version you use.

regards, Nils

What’s your recording interface/soundcard? You should have a plenty of output level coming outta POD to feed any line in.

There’s a pot called output level in POD. Turn it up.

Quote (varakeef @ Oct. 31 2005,11:51)
What’s your recording interface/soundcard? You should have a plenty of output level coming outta POD to feed any line in.

yeah. be sure you are plugging into “line in” not “mic in,” especially if you are running through a pre. But if the pod is at line level out (I assume it is? I don’t have one), then, given your output level is set correctly, you should not have to run through a second preamp. you would only do that if the pod was coming out at line level, which it shouldn’t, because what would be the point of the pod then? check your settings on your pod and where you have it plugged into/out of on the POD and on your PC, and then let us know where it is going, along with the question about the soundcard/interface. Also, check your recording settings on your PC. How to get there depends on your soundcard (some soundcards, creative, for example, change your volume software). However, given you have the normal windows volume control. Go into the settings in the menu. there is a little radio button that says “recording inputs” and “playback inputs” or something like that. change it to “recording inputs” or whatever and click ok. You will then need to monitor the recording level in N. this should be defaulted to show up, but if not, then someone can tell you how to turn it on. Turn up the input you have selected (should be “line-in/mic-in” or the like, btw) until the volume level is at a good spot (I use in the part where the green begins to get lighter, though some may say higher). you should be good.


Thge POD should put out plenty of juice. Listen to the fellers and check your signal chain.

Ah, yes… my recording interface/soundcard… I believe it is a SigmaTel C-Major Audio but honestly, I’m guessing. Under Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices that’s what I find.

My signal chain is this:

Guitar–>LINE6 POD–>M-Audio Audiosport Quattro–>Laptop via USB 2.0 connection.

In your setup, the M-Audio Quattro is the soundcard for recording, perhaps playback as well. The Quattro is line level and has no preamps itself, but it does have an input switch labelled -10 or +4. Try that switch to see it you can get enough input gain. The Line 6 POD should easily put out line level. I don’t have a Quattro but there may also be a software applet that came with the unit that may also allow you to adjust input gain.