pod xt

does this line6 thing work with ntrack


I have a POD XT from line6, it is guitar effects and amp simulators which connects to pc via usb and becomes an ASIO soundcard as well and ntrack don’t want to work with it

Does anybody else’s ntrack work with a pod - like is it compatible or is there anything magical I need to do to make them talk?

I’ve got a GuitarPort and it has similar issues, unless things are just right.

The first trick is that is MUST be selected as both the input and output device, or it won’t work as expected. That means you MUST playback through it if you want to record from it.

That to me is the deal breaker. I just use the analog outputs on it, and record from it using my regular soundcard.

There may be other limitations about format, but that was the issue that was hardest to figure out.

The Pod has to be used as the input and output sound card for any application. This isn’t specific to n-Track. If you want to get around using headphones you must either use the analog outputs into another sound card, or you can connect your speakers to the headphone output on the Pod.

Thank You - Perfect now!!

I got the Line6 Toneport KB37. It has instrument inputs, mic pre’s, and a MIDI controller keyboard in one unit, having the Line6 Gearbox software as its brain. So far, I think the guitar models and mic pre models are great. There is no noticable latency to my ears when playing and recording “Live”, even though my PC is a few years old. It really cleared out a lot of space at my desk. Like most things about PC recording, setup involves experimenting and detective work, but not moreso than other software/hardware.

I have the Line6 Toneport UX1 (much more basic than the keyboard model Mark VH has) and I can second everything Mark VH said.