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i have noticed before the forum crash that the “anything else” forum became largly dominated by political yaw yaw and as such i felt warrented the need for a seperate forum (even a seperate web site) dedicated to the idle rambling’s of political minds. i must say i was rather disheartened when my eyes fell to the forum welcome page to see almost 4 times as many posts in this forum as in the users music forum and as such i feel it my duty as an n tracker (albeit novice in respect to some, but none the less akin to the spirit of n track and all that the PROGRAMME enable’s us to do) to recommend or perhaps call a vote, (perhaps non sensical in context), to abolish all political (and religious i might add at this stage) agenda’s from the forums of n track, and if this proposal does not meet with favour, perhaps a proposition that a fourth form, a political form, be established.

all in favour say eye

(if you have read and understood this your some man)

on an afternote, does anyone write verse… one thing at a time i’ll post again

vote eye or nay
aye=yes(abolish politics and religion from n track_
nay=no(dont abolish politics and religion from n track)

i might as well get in there with the first




About all it does is make a lot of us sound like idiots.

There are proper forums for this sort of crap. Surely it doesn’t need to be here.


There shouldn’t have been a need for “anything else” in the first place. As I told Toker in a a reply to a pm he sent me - there shouldn’t be an issue with the occasional OT thread in the original forum, but this is just crap.


Anything Else is for off-topic discussions, just as it says, i.e., anything else not related to nTrack, or nTrack users songs which are the intent of the other two forums.

The on-topic forums had more content than this forum & will eventually do that in the future, but you have to be patient because everything was lost.

If you don’t like discussing politics, evolution, creationism, or whatever, then I would suggest that you don’t come here.

Willy - I don’t post crap here. It may be crap to you but it’s important political stuff that’s happening here in the USA. If you’re not interested then skip it.

Again, if you guys dislike this forum, then why the h*ll do you come here???


When you have posters that seem to only post in the anything goes forum you have to wonder why they are here in the first place.

Originally the anything goes was a bit of distraction to the main forum.
But if you have people coming here becasue it is the main forum for them then that seems to have grown it’s own wings probably needs to fly away

From what I’ve read it seems like crap to me.
2 (maybe more but haven’t noticed) opposing views trying to convince the other side that “we’re right, you’re wrong” when in reality neither are actually listening to each other or have any intention of taking the other side seriously.

That would be a pretty much analogous to pushing sh!t uphill - referring to it as crap is pretty accurate to me :)


So what you gonna do with the results of this here poll James? You gonna tell Flavio what he gonna have to do? Or you gonna tell Flavio to make you the moderator? Or you gonna go off an start your own forum? Seems to me that Mac and his white friends already done that. Seems to me that this here poll is a bigger waste of time than the politics is.

Maybe we should just have ONE thread for politics.

That would make it more bearable.

It’s not the politics itself that makes it a waste of of time.
It’s the fact that there were at time 10 or 20 threads all discussing the same thing

That’s the big waste of time and space

Satch - couldn’t have said it better!

And how you guys gonna get me to stop posting anyways?!?! :cool:

Willy - I don't post crap here. It may be crap to you but it's important political stuff that's happening here in the USA. If you're not interested then skip it.

I do skip it, but what you're doing is called "running interference". Maybe you're posting something I am interested in reading about, and might be able to comment on - but there's so much of it I don't even bother skimming your threads.

Probably more importantly, the lack of replies to (most) of your threads probably indicates the value of what you're posting to the other members. Why not post this stuff over the the GiveacrapaboutUSpolitics.com forums? Here, it seems that it's only important to you. The bible bashers who used to populate this board were never this, I dunno, self righteous.

Is what you're doing any different to Audiominds refering to software other than nTrack?

Can't stop you posting, but I find you to be one of the most arrogant people I've ever run into on the web. Too much talk, not enough listening.


I vote ‘aye’.

But as an alternative, just have one politics thread (as suggested) - I’ve seen this work on other forums. What I hate is when people start a different thread for every sentence they want to say. That’s just nonsense.

"I’ve got a good link to tell everyone about, start a new thread. Oh, there’s something I forgot to say on that last post, start a new thread. I’ve got to apologise to someone for something I said in that thread… start a new thread. I’ve got to tell everyone about my new user name, start a new thread… " — you get the idea. It just fills the forum with noise, and detracts from any chance of debate we might actually have.

[edit] Actually, I’ve had another thought. The only person who has debates in here anymore is CosmicCharlie/Toker/Mike/whatever. I’ve noticed that when he’s not around, then people generally don’t bother posting in here. So, why not just let Mike have the ‘Anything Else’ forum for himself? - He can start all the new threads he wants and debate with himself (he has two or three different names he can use to make it more convincing).

It won’t make any difference to any of us, as we’ll be over in the recording forum discussing what this site is supposed to be about; recording.

If you want to have some real fun Mike, try posting to http://www.pro-american.com You’ll enjoy yourself over there! :D [/edit]


I’ve made the offer before to host a political forum for musicians offsite. The offer still stands. As one who knows full well he is part of the problem here, I would sure love to see it go back to the way it used to be.

There really IS no going back though. Many of the best have moved on. Even IF you could get Flavio to go along with this, and even IF you could neuter Mike, the best to hope for is starting over on salted soil.

Crap is in the eye of the beholder. There are those who think this is a thing of great beauty, I’m afraid. I argued for the creation of this forum, and I have said many times since that I regret it. That hasn’t changed.

Aye …

I’m thinking in the same way that Flavio responded to everyone and created the ‘Anything Goes’ forum, he can take it away as well if enough people ask for it.

This is his website after all, and he has to maintain it.
It just doesn’t feel right that we as the guests keep littering his place.

Yeah, we can’t keep anyone from posting, but if the Anything goes forum goes, then we can all scream ‘Off Topic !’ when a post get itself into the main forum about any of these things.

And my .sig will be the furthest I will go as far as religious talks are concerned as well…


Quote (CosmicCharlie @ Sep. 12 2004,23:55)
And how you guys gonna get me to stop posting anyways?!?! :cool:

I've heard of fishing for compliments, but fishing for threats? ???

This forum is mild compared to many. Go look at tapeop’s anything else forum. Seems to me like we are capable of developing thicker skins, rather than self-censoring.

well while i do agree political discussion has its place
i dont fell that a recordign software website is it. so maybe the anything goes forum is also out of place. i just feel that it is so dominated, (at least before the crash it was hard to find anything interesting amid all the political posts), dominated by political posts that maybe it would make more sense to call it the political forum or to have a new political forum and leave anything else for anything else. i dont intend to do anthing about it i was meerly interested in gauging opinions. i dont know what a moderator is.
i do feel the anything else forum has a place in n track though, it allows fellow n trackers to become better aquainted within the domain of ntrack. i just regret that it’s title is somewhat misleading.

i’m not suggesting we ban all politics from n track
i just think it could be better managed??

It’s not a thicker skin I need, it’s some kind of anti-bore antidote… Sometimes I think the strategy in here is to bombard us with the same boring views often enough to make a point. Start enough threads and you can’t be shouted down on all of them, can you?..

I’m all for interesting and active debate. But coming in here and seeing 20 threads about the swift boat vets and leaked memos and who did what in vietnam (or whatever) just puts me off.

[edit]A moderator is someone who manages a forum. They can move posts to a more appropriate forum, delete posts, lock threads, and ban users[/edit]

This forum is mild compared to many. Go look at tapeop's anything else forum. Seems to me like we are capable of developing thicker skins, rather than self-censoring.
Bravo Tom! It is extremely mild which is why I've been amazed at the reaction of many to my posts. It seems like many people here have led a sheltered internet life.