Poll: French Riots

Could this happen in the USA?

I’m curious about this as these riots haven’t been as huge a topic on the blogs as I would have thought.

Please vote and post your opinion.



According to the reports I have read (mainly from the BBC) the riots are predominantly in deprived run-down areas by persons complaining of poverty, unemployment and racism.
Although the news footage appears alarming, it is something of a French tradition to erect a burning barricade as part of a demonstration. I speak here as an Englishman who has knowledge of France and the French people.
I have not seen any reports of additional deaths, which does not surprise me, the French have a long tradition of making forceful protests which do not usually cause fatalities.
I was caught up in such a demonstration several years ago. A barricade of burning tyres blocked a road and caused general inconvenience to the travelling public but, in contrast to the British Police, the French Gendarmes allowed things to go ahead, liased with the protesters to determine how long the demonstration would last and helped the protesters clear away the remnants at the appointed time!
There was no animosity or agression on either side. The event passed off peacefully with handshakes all round.
I can’t imagine such a thing happening in the UK. It would invariably be broken up by baton charges or mounted Police.
So, if you have poverty, unemployment and racism in the US (I know we do) then yes, it could happen.


If you are asking if riots can occur because of a deprived group of people, then the answer is yes because it’s happened before

I didn’t vote so I don’t know why there are 3 votes unless someone has no comment.

This is my first attempt at a poll and so of course I blundered.

I see that I’m really asking 2 questions. First, from your point of view and your familiarity of your city etc., do the conditions exist. Secondly, if they do, how do you rate the probability of this occuring in the near future (say 5 years).

(I’ll think out my next poll better!)


L.A., 1994, Rodney King… nuff said. I think the difference would be (I hope, but after Katrina who knows) we would have the National Guard knocking heads before 12 days had gone by.