Portable Recording

…what hardware to use?


I’m wanting a field recording setup to capture at least ten discreet tracks of audio. Bit depth isn’t terribly important…CD quality is fine.

I’ve been leaning toward the Yamaha AW16, but it seems it’s no longer being produced. So, I’ve also been leaning toward the Korg D3200 (despite its small screen). The Korg retails for about NZ$2400, which is a lot of cash at the moment.

Alternatively, I’ve considered the Zoom HD16, but it seems that it’ll only record eight tracks simultaneously.

It occurred to me that perhaps I could buy one of those new Firewire or USB mixers that have built in AD converters and plug it into my old laptop (256MB, W2K) and record with NTrack V3…does anyone have experience doing this? I’ve got a few concerns…among them, I wonder if the laptop will be quiet enough (not fan sounds, but electronic noise…the sound of the mouse pointer moving, etc).

Echo Audio makes a 12/12 Firewire converter that might be great, but it requires XP or that newer OS…it doesn’t seem to have drivers for W2K.

My laptop’s a Presario 700. It doesn’t have a built in Firewire port, so I’d have to buy a PCMCIA card.

Another requirement is that the portable recorder has USB 2.0 so that I can export the WAVs to my PC and mix with NTrack.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Cheers, mates–