Portable Sound Isolation for vocal recording

I am about to start a new contracting role that will have me living away from home during the week.

I hope to be doing a fair bit of practicing and recording while in the hotel (my new laptop will be awesome as a DAW) - keyboard, guitar (DI with amp sim/acoustic sim) and vocals.

Any good ideas for easy and portable sound isolation for recording vocals - I cannot build and carry a vocal booth into the hotel every week :D (a guitar and maybe a weighted keyboard will be bad enough).

Anyhow - any thoughts or ideas? Maybe using a collapsing wire frame and the duvet/pillows as dampers to create a small dead space to sing into.


If your guitar and keyboard have hard cases you might use them as portable gobos. Stand them on their ends, half open, so that they’ll form a wide “V” if you look from up to down. Most of them (at least the rectangular ones) stand pretty firmly this way.
Then cover them with duvets, pillows and whatever soft stuff the hotel room has (a plenty, usually).

Of course, if you have a plenty of clothing to hang in the closet, you might arrange them (and the bedware) around a mic stand so that the closet works as a sort of semi-death recording booth.

Wow, wouldn’t the cleaning lady like that setup???