Possible N-track Problem

Re-installation of N-track

I am currently using the latest version of N-track (24 bit). I am not certain but suspect that I may be experiencing a problem with the N-track software. I would like to uninstall my current software and make a " re-installation" of N-track.

Question: If I uninstall my current N-track software, can I download the unregistered version from the N-track website and use my previous 24 bit registration number to validate and register the new download ?


If you registered any 4.x version, you are also registered for the current 4.xx build, and the worst that could happen is the codes have changed, in which case you just contact Flavio to get the new ones. They changed once for me since I registered nTrack back in June of 2004. You’re codes may be recent enough that you can still use them, though.

That said, if you do a regular Add/Remove Programs uninstall, I believe the codes should persist in the registry so you won’t have to re-enter them when you reinstall. However, if you manually delete/move the nTrack installation folder, I’m not sure it’ll work the same way. And if you do a whole Windows reinstall, you’ll WILL need them, of course.



Big Hint: ALWAYS save a copy of your installers to a CD or DVD and include a text document with your registration codes.

Since the filename of the installers is generic, when you download them from the site put them in a folder with the version and build number on them so you can always go back to them later. Keep track of what builds work well for you.

(been doing this since 2.0, so I’ve learned to keep backups!!!)


Since the filename of the installers is generic,

Or change the name of the file to the version/build when you d/l it.