Possible to insert MIDI measure ?

Hi All.

I am using N-track 4.0 with pretty good results. Is there way to insert a bar with different timing on a MIDI track ?

The song is 4/4 but the bridge has a meaure that is 5/4. If I can’t insert a 5/4 measure, the piano roll editor will be off the rest of the song.


View > Tempo > Add new time signature

DOH ! Thanks. Thought I had found something Flavio hadn’t thought of. N-Track rocks !

If the meter changes a lot, it’s a bit of a hassle to set up, but I’ve done this on a couple songs and it works fine. I think the easiest way is to start with a click track where 1 isn’t stressed and record the song once through as an audio file (not worrying about the quality of your playing). If necessary, slide the audio track so the recorded part does indeed start on the right beat. Then work through the song adding the time signature changes, using the rough take as a guide. Much easier than doing all the arithmetic.

When you’re done, you can rebuild the click track with beat one emphasized, and it should line up with your original part (which you can now delete and record carefully, as MIDI).

HTH :)