Possibly useful software for creating tutorials

Wink 2.0

I am sort of a lurker around here, I bought n-track to record my wife’s singing group, but then she got pregnant with twins and well there went the group for the next couple of years, so I just lurk and tinker in my “spare time”.

Anyways, I am in the process of creating some training videos for work, and have come across a really cool piece of free software that I think might be useful to people here. It is called wink, and it is a tool for creating demos/tutorials by capturing screen activity, it allows you to edit, annotate, and add audio (with version 2 which was just released). I am really impressed with quality of this, so if you have the need for something like this, take a look at debugmode, you can find wink, and several other very cool pieces of free software there.

I am no way affliated with this site, I just happened upon this software a few weeks ago while trying to find some screen capture software, and thought I’d pass it along since it is so useful to to me.


Yes, truely excellent software for making tutorials. We’ve been using it at work for a number of years now.

All we need here though is some folks with the time and inclination to put some tutorials together. Would make a good companion to the Wiki.


Amen !

Thanks for the link, mr Geek !