Post some songs guysThis


Here are two recordings… the first is a redone version of the Flint Generals Hockey Song I did a couple of years ago - couldn’t use Phoo’s drums on this version, sped it up a bit, and changed the words to get rid of mention of the players’ names -

This is a somewhat lame version of a song by my friend Scott Olson, we did in our band in Madison, Wis, 20 years ago - “Watertowers” - Hi Scott!

I’m really liking that guitar sound, your hockey tune sounds phishy.

Thanks, Thirst! Strat through a Carr Mercury! :agree:

HOLY KAY RAP! those amps cost a fortune! Man I tell ya, you guys gotta give me the secret to gettin the Mrs. to let you spend all that cash on such great toys.

Quote: (thirstnhowl @ Oct. 24 2009, 6:33 AM)

HOLY KAY RAP! those amps cost a fortune! Man I tell ya, you guys gotta give me the secret to gettin the Mrs. to let you spend all that cash on such great toys.

Got it used at a ridiculous price, b/c the store selling it did not realize what it was worth. Plus, I married a musician who thinks, as I do, that making music on substandard equipment is frustrating. And I buy her nice instruments too. Her main instrument cost more than our car. :)

Of course, I didn't have the money for this when I was young, and now that I'm old, it's to no purpose. Not like I will ever be on a stage again.

But it is a helluva amp. NO doubt about it. Made for Fenders.

Speaking of Kay - one other cool amp I found for cheap in a local resale shop is a Kay 120 bass amp. Needs some work. One of these days...


loved it Tom. Harp sounds great!
Vocal is a little harsh in mid highs.

Yeah yeah I have to agree the guitars in the Generals theme is spankin. Watertowers as a song is not my cup of joe, but as always the recording quality is excellent.

Thanks guys! I think my recordings are getting too brassy b/c of changes in my hearing. Gonna get that tested. I’m gonna dig up the original recording of Watertowers, a song by my good friend Scott Olson which we recorded with drummer Mark Albers at Butch Vig’s studio in in pre-Nirvana and Garbage days…still sounds pretty cool to me…wanted to do the acoustic for Scott. Fun song to play live with loud distorted guitars. :)

I love ‘Flint Generals Hockey Song’ have I heard it before? It feels like i’ve always loved this song!

It has a really nice feel, gets you tapping in time and joining in
with "at the hockey game’ It’d be great summer driving music.

‘water Towers’ Firstly, the guitar at the intro sounds really really nice, love that tone and the harmonica sounds great.

Being that i’ve been a singing teacher I have to pick you up on your pronunciation of ‘water!’ tut tut, watch your diction my dear

Overall, I like the soft touch on this one and the way that the harmonies add that kinda ‘lazy’ feeling (for want of a better word)
they give the perfect impression of things fading/rusting away, selling the lyrics beautifully.

Another 2 thumbs up :agree:
you da man MrT

How should one pronounce water? I’m from Michigan after all. :laugh:

With a southern accent, how else? :laugh: I don’t think Ange understands the true meaning of “I’m from Michigan after all”!!!

Quote: (Levi @ Oct. 28 2009, 10:55 PM)

how else?

With a 'T'!

actually, if i'm honest...I was just picking on ya coz I was desperately trying to find some criticism so that I could write something other than 'brilliant, awesome, love it, fantastic, etc etc' I was getting a little repetitive...sod it...I love yer accent, why shouldn't 'water' be pronounced 'wader', say tomadoes I say tomatoes, you say potadoes I say potatoes (I just say it bedder than you hehe)

Heh…that is a T where I come from. :)