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Here we go

First post, song is new creation by my bud Mark Wilson and myself. Mark sings lead vocals and plays bass. My wife did some back up vocals at the end. I played and sang the rest, drum track done on Alesis HR-16.
First mix, not happy with some things. Hi fi stream is ok, lo-fi sucks.
“Still Falling Down”

Two words:
Bra Vo
I loved it. It was so catchy and well performed, I had to remember that I was supposed to be listening with the critical ear. If I HAVE to criticize anything it’s the cymbal sound. But it didn’t detract from the song. I’m looking forward to your next post. I would write more but I’m off to perform tonite! (That was more than two words wasn’t it?)

Damn, you even make the DR16 sound good.

That is superb.

Guitars done how?

Thanks Melody and Tom.

Hope the gig went ok Melody! I know I gotta work on the cymbal sounds for sure. Just haven’t figured out what to do with them yet.

Tom, the guitars were done direct thru board with Digitech RP10 with exception of lead guitar, thru a Marshall JCM800 with 1 12" micing with a EV N/D 257B.
Going to re-record bass guitar tonight, it’s a P-Bass, we’ve borrowed and maybe purchasing a Jazz bass (Loved the sound You got with Yours). The P-bass is ok for live work, but I have a horrible time recording one. Any thoughts on how to record a P-Bass?
The HR16 is the old gray Alesis Machine from the 80’s. It’s a relic like me.
C,mon now, I need critics here on getting it better!


You crafty old bugger! You keep your light under a bushel for so long and then hit us with this?
Great piece of work, love the reverb on the lead, Bass sounds fine to me, cymbals you know about.

No critique, it all sounds good!


Thanks Ian, don’t know about the crafty part, but you got the old bugger part right! :D

Used a ping pong delay on lead, wasn’t over kill was it? Got to find the notch on cymbals eq to soften them up.

(YazMiester @ Jul. 17 2007,17:37)
Thanks Ian, don't know about the crafty part, but you got the old bugger part right! :D

Used a ping pong delay on lead, wasn't over kill was it? Got to find the notch on cymbals eq to soften them up.

Not overkill, was just about right. One of my favourite Bands, Wishbone Ash, used to get the same kind of effect on some of thier solos. Love it!!

Lead sounds great, and now I know why. Bass sounds exactly how a P bass ought to sound, which is good in my book! Cymbals - I used one of those Alesis machines for a long long time (dunno why I typed DR above…) - only get so many sounds out of them, and cymbals tend to sound too predictable - but ya gotta admit, it is a good sounding drum machine, all things considered.

Dang it Yaz, this song is fine. Excellent song-writing and performance. If I had heard this recording for the first time on commercial radio, I’d be checking to find out the band’s name, cause I’d want the record. Totally pro.

You are indeed a crafty old bugger. But if you set the bar this high, follow-up is going to be tough, did ya think of that? A fella can only jump so high. I’d think that might cause a little stress - but maybe that is the price of being really good.


Thanks for the compliments guys!

Ian, haven’t listened to Wishbone in like forever! Yes they did use delays alot on leads.

Tom, the HR is a great machine and easy to use, the newer Alesis machine is too complex for my little brain! The cymbals are at best mediocre but, beats a live drummer cause it doesn’t eat pizza! And I have no clue about soundfonts and midi.

T, you are so right about posting this and trying to follow up with another song. And no it didn’t cross my mind.
But I did actually hold my High School record in High Jump back when Nixon was still pres! Not sure I could clear the bar today if it was laying on the ground! :D

I’ve tracked 5 guitar parts on 3 different songs this am, I’m starting to get out of my funk! YEAH!

Feet and leg cramps all night long, feeling like crap, looked in the mirror while brushing the tooth, noticed my black hair is all gray, came out to my little hole in the wall studio, noticed the Alesis HR 16, it’s as gray and old looking as I am. JEEEESSSSHHH
I need to learn drum soundfonts or ezdrummer or sumpin’, is there a ‘Just For Men Hair Color’ in programming drums?
Something else to learn, my brain hurts

I was able to learn to use Addictive Drums with nearly 0 start-up effort. The free demo at XLN audio is very usable, sounds great, and gives you extensive control of the sound of the drums. I had tried several times to get into programming drums (using n-drums for example), and just couldn’t find the time to work it out. Addictive Drums changed my view of what I could do within an hour.

The Addictive Drums VSTI plugin works in a way that is very intuitive to me. There are probably several different ways to approach using it, but here is the way I do it. First I browse the drum loops (not really loops -don’t know what else to call them) by category to get in the right neighborhood. Then I start auditioning the loops (just click on one to audition). Find one I like. Drag it to a midi track and drop it there. Each drum hit in the loop is associated with a midi note that will appear on the piano roll. I keep dragging in loops till I get enough to work with. The ‘loop’ can now be modified (add hits, delete hits, move hits in time, etc.) by editing the midi piano roll. Things like simulated mic positioning, compression, and EQ can still be controlled from the comprehensive controls on the easy drummer plugin. Eventually, I render the track to audio, and I’m done.

Save yourself some sweat - give the AD demo a try.


Thanks T, I will definately check it out! :D

Newer song version, and page here.

Listening now… Oh boy I like this one Yaz. Great job!


Thanks D, Any suggestions ?

Nice mix Yaz! Seriously good song as I said before. I’m waiting for the album.

Btw, you are on motagator as Wilson/Teague, I’m on motagator as Wilson/brough ??? :cool:


Hey thanks Ian, cool will check out your site dude!

(YazMiester @ Jul. 20 2007,14:52)
Hey thanks Ian, cool will check out your site dude!

Not much on it! My real site is
I only used motagator to post a song I did with a fellow n-Tracker (Wilson) and Beefy and Me recorded a song called Hymn under the spoof name Jesus Rocks 4U which is also on motagator somewhere.