Power Pop Rock

need some other ears…

Been working on this for too long… need some outside opinions on the mix…


Much love…

Cuff is cymbal heavy, guitars sound like the low end is rolled off too early.
Blues has a much better balance and sounds a lot more finished but could still use a little taming on the cymbals. I’d like to hear a tighter, deeper snare.

Good songs, good sounds on Blues especially :)

Hey Geekformayor, Nice tunes…thanks.

I’m with teryeah, the symbals are splashing over the mix. Nice tunes, well played. Vocal harmonies are tight. I actually like the snare sound, it sounds nice and live and raw.

Thanks again…


Yo Brian, glad to see you’re recording and, more importantly, posting again. You are a top notch songwriter and home producer in my book.

What’s the story on these songs? Is “Blues” someone else’s project that you’re recording? It sounds pretty solid to me. The mix reminds me of Jimmy Eat World; so that’s a pretty good reference point.

I hear what teryeah is talking about in regards to the crash cymbals on “Cuff,” but that seems to fit in with a lot of the alt bands these days. The vocal mix isn’t quite as distinct on Cuff.

Both of these songs have really tight performances in regards to the instrumentation. Are you recording some of this with the band playing “live” in the studio??

yo yo. thanks for the encouraging words.

I am recording this for a friend of mine. I came up with a few guitar parts, but for the most part they are entirely his songs. He played everything himself… so none of it is actually live.

I am going to rework the mixes this week using some of your guys’ suggestions. I’ll post the results when I’m done…

Jesus “Blues” is great!
Great vocals, levels, nice song, tones.
That sounds like a pop tune one would hear on the radio, or like -the background music to a movie.
Sounds pro.
very good job :D

Hey what kind of vocal mic do you use?

I agree on the cymbals on cuff. I could also stand a little more low end on the cymbals (is there a highpass filter on them?) they seem a little tinny on that song but much better on blues. I like the snare, so there’s another vote for it.

I like both the tracks a lot. Nice and crisp all the parts are discernable. Cuff seemed to have a lot of highend in it (maybe it was the cymbals) it was good on my speakers here with the adjoinging sub, but on headphones I found it tinny. Blues sounded great on both, I’ll be playing that one for my girlfriend I think she’ll love it. Can’t wait to hear more.

And out of curiousity what mics are you using?

It’s cool seeing some new Modern Day Miracle stuff on here. For some reason I can’t download any links but hopefully in the future I will be able to. Modern Day Miracle tunes were the only reason I regularly checked out this board in the past.