Praise Flavio !

Midi patch selection … at last !

After a couple of beeep of waiting, Flavio finally came up with a useable way of selecting different MIDI-patches and banks for a “more than average GM/GS” synthesizer ! And it WORKS !!!

Thanks Flav ! Well done ! I can finally use my kit as was intended !


Is something similar to the .ins files of Cakewalk? Do you know if this instrument definitions of cake can be imported?

Well I think it is - but I’m not sure.
I’ve download my S90.INS from “somewhere” (don’t recall) and it just worked - I’m not sure if this was Cakewalk or whatever. I’d say that even the .INS should follow some kind of standard ? Give it a go.

I look in the changelog of ntrack (what’s new page) and yes, the ins files are supported. They are used by several software that can import/create/manage them, since cake is nearly a standard in midi.