Preparing to buy new monitors

Any suggestions?

I have been looking around the net for specs on new monitors I plan on buying, and I really like these Alesis ones thus far (link at bottom). Anyone using them? Any other suggestions for a good set of LOUD (120w+) active monitors under $500? Thanks.

I have the audiophile BX5’s. and love them. I’d bet the BX8’s might do you right. I read another post you left about mixing down, good tips thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check out the BX8s as well. They look pretty cool…I’m sure they sound it too. M-audio is ussually trustworthy.

I have a pair of ESI nEar 05 monitors I use and like. They have a great resolution and an attractive price - the successors, nEar 05 eXperience, are about $280 here in Denmark. Before that I used a set of Altec-Lansing 2-1 computer speakers. The latter set has a great response, are relatively cheap ($140), and too good to miss, so nowadays I use them for television speakers for my widescreen tv… :D

regards, Nils

i have a pair of the alesis mk2 powered. i like them a lot. very clear with a tight low end. the upper mid clarity helped me a lot with cleaning up muddiness.

:D :D :D

Event PS5’s work for me.

Right in your price range, too.

When I researched nearfield monitors a few years ago I found the best reviews for the Yorkville YSM1 series. I have a set of the passive YSM1’s and they are amazingly clear, adding no sound coloration of their own (like a Minimus and other non-reference speakers would). For mixing, you want the speakers to be “transparent”, so you hear exactly what you are mixing.

The current new price for a pair of non-powered YSM1s is about $240. Surprisingly, at this time a pair of used YSM1s on eBay is currently bid at $202. Pretty good resale value! A nice thing about the YSM1 is that it is an 8-ohm speaker, so it can be matched with a lot of consumer grade stereo amplifiers for a powered set at a low price. (Some amplifiers can’t handle 4-ohm speakers).

The YSM1 is also available in a powered version and it goes for about $420. It has received great reviews, such as

Check out typical prices for the Yorkville series at

Check out this months (March) issue of Electronic Musician magazine. They have a review of monitors in your price range. Very in depth. If you purchase the YSM1’s mail order, be careful! I ordered a pair and had to send them back. They were trashed, either at the dealer or in shipment. I ended up buying a pair of BX5’s at my local music store. However to tell the truth, I would rather have a “healthy” pair of YSM1’s, but couldn’t find a local dealer. If you buy the BX5’s, spend the extra cash and get the M-audio subwoofer. I wish I would have had the extra cash to buy it. I really miss the extended low end when mixing.

Event Monitors are very good!!!:D

Event TR-8’s $500 or less. I LOVE mine!!


I have the Event 20/20bas monitors and love them. The TR8s were my second choice. But in the under $1000/pair range, Event is hard to beat. Over $1000, look at Dynaudio or Genelec. But really, none of us have a room worthy of putting high dollar monitors in.

Yorkvilles here. Mine (YSM1i) are 6 ohm (nominal) though…

I got a pair of passive Tannoy Reveals at wholesale price. They were sold as demo speakers but they’d hardly been out of the cardboard box. Hard to beat that VFM factor :)

Coupled with a cheap NAD amp I have a nice & well working setup.

I also have the Alesis MK-2 nearfield monitors, mine are unpowered. I drive them with a Samson studio reference amp.
I have been very happy with them. I switch back and forth between them and a pair of Sennheiser HD-280 Pro headphones for all my monitoring needs.

Good Luck :)

I guess I should pontificate a bit more on this. Too bad the board crashed way back. Yet another thing I had written a long post on that was lost. Do this, make a mix CD of differing amterial that you know well. Take this mix CD to music store of choice and spend a lot of time comparing monitors. I drove the guys nuts at my local place listeing to monitors ona Saturday after noon. I took a mix CD that had some classical Bach on it, fusion jazz, Prodigy (thumpy electronic), Oasis (they are really mid rangy), and a few other things. Withthis mix of stuff, you can find where certain montiors excel and others fail. I found out really quickly that the Alesis MKIIs were very high end heavy to my ears, the M-Audios were okay, the Mackies weren;t all they were cracked up to be, I hate KRKs (very mid rangy to me), etc. This doesn’t mean you will come to the same conclusions I will. Use your ears and make an educated choice.

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