Presonus Firebox


Does anyone out there have a Presonus Firebox. Are you having any issues with this card using nTracks.

I’m having some problems with mine. When i set everthing up in the preferences menu everything works fine for a few sessions. After a while I start getting error messages, “not able to open wave device”, half my VST stop working, the system stalls and crashes etc…

I have found a workaround but I am not sure if it’s a sofware glitch a device conflict, or a driver issue causing the problems. My computer has an integrated realtek audio chipset in it. When I manually disable this device in the windows control panel, my Presonus device works like a champ but this makes me worry about stability issues if I ever decided on an additional pro audio card.

Im running v4.16 b2066 on windows XP, 2.2ghz amd athelon, 100megs ram. Integrated audio is Realtek AC97.

Are you using the latest driver(s) from the website? I’d recommend contacting Presonus customer support. I don’t know if conflicts with integrated sound are symptomatic of it not playing with aditional audio devices in general. CS would be able to tell you.

I hate to bring bad news, but someone I know bought a Firebox when it first came out, about 18 months ago, and not only had nothing but problems, but got legendarily poor customer service from Presonus. (his quote of the CS guy: “What do you expect? It’s cutting edge technology! You can expect it to be buggy.”) He was able to return the unit to where he bought it.

Yes I have the latest drivers…think my problem is no longer a problem though. It is looking more to me that driver installation was the problem. The midi devices for the Firebox were not enabled in the audio device panel in windows after installation.

Fully working now with both devices enabled. I still like the card but perhaps if I was the type who is afraid to tinker, I would be dissapointed.