presonus firepod issue!!

cannot record in ‘mono’ (?!)

has anyone experienced an issue with the presonus firepod where it will only record in ‘stereo’ or ‘stereo->2 mono tracks’ modes?

i get a wave device error every time that i try to record only from a single input on the firepod…

please get back to me with any advice !!

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Quote (quiet_channel @ Aug. 12 2006,19:40)
has anyone experienced an issue with the presonus firepod where it will only record in 'stereo' or 'stereo->2 mono tracks' modes?

Why not choose stereo > two mono tracks? That's how I have always worked with n-track.

If you want just one track, you push the red round button in the recording meter and choose left channel > record to new track and right channel > don't record.from this channel.

I guess the drivers in firepod comes with channel pairs anyway?

I use a Emu 1820 running ASIO drivers… - The manual states: “The Emu 1820 input channels are stereo - period.” This is even true for the two mono(!) microphone channels it has got built-in. In other words, don’t even bother…

I use the same n-Track setup as suggested by varakeef, and this works very well.

Hint: When you have a good setup in n-Track (eg. channel 1 records to track 1 in mono, channel 2 muted, channel 3+4 records to track 2 in stereo, channel 5 records to track 3 in mono, channel 6 records to track 4… - you get my point (I hope!)) store it as a template, reload it before each new take, save it with the take number as the name in a folder created specifically for the particular song, and start recording. The file structure then goes like this:

Project folder—|
—Song Name—|
take01-(song and wave files)
take 02-(song and wave files)
Project template (sng file)

I have used this approach in a project recently where I recorded 50+ takes of about twenty different songs, four to five takes of each song, taking notes of each take (false starts, breakdowns, “best” takes, tag-ons etc.) for later reference. In this way, each song has its own folder containing files from separate takes, and the project is a breeze to mix down, even weeks or months later. Don’t forget to make a backup immediately after the last recording is done.

regards, Nils