Presonus FirePod with N?

Anyone using one?

Looking at a Presonus Firepod (not firebox) to use with N… Anyone doing this? Any problems?

Thanks for your time.


I guess not, although I’m sure I have seen other posts talking about this.
Try a forum search.


Well… I know you said “not FireBOX”… but n and every other DAW software I use works great with the FireBOX. The driver is essentially the same for both with differences being in the control panel application.

Somebody on here has reported success with the FirePod.


Thanks… I did a forum search… nothing. I’ve been using a Tascam US-122 for years now but am ready for multiple inputs. Not a big fan of configuring soundcards… Think I will take this route.

I actually have two Firepod’s with Ntrack 4.2.1. I really only use one right now. No real problems to speak of. I do have a thread around here somewhere that talks about how the waveform’s pictures are weird in mono mode, but that can be fixed by refreshing/redrawing the waveforms (which is done for the WHOLE song, not just a targeted track as far as I can tell).