Presonus Firepod

Does it work with n-track? Im going to buy one and I am wondering if I’ll just switch over to Cubase when I buy it.

I don’t own one, but I am sure it will work.

The switch from this to Cubase should predicated on something else…as the equipment will work with either.

I have it Please…and it works just fine. Cubase may have some great features but what a hassle to set it up each time you record. It is no where user friendly as N-track is. Cubase was free with the Firepod, N-track 24bit cost me, now which one do you think I use/ N of course!

I recently got a firepod, and I’m pretty sure it would work with N. But I switched to Cubase. I had never upgraded to 24 bit support with N track, and I didn’t see a point in paying more for N. Cubase took me a couple hours to figure out, and I like it better. It has some sweet plugins too, which probably will work in n track if you install Cubase (maybe, haven’t tried). But I wouldn’t rule out switching to Cubase. Play around with it for a day at least.

a note…I didn’t have any problems learning Cubase. The help file has all the information well laid out and in clear verse.

My (only) complaing was each time opening the software and having to go thru, albeit, a few steps just to get to “ready” mode. It does have features that N doesn’t have. Since it ships with the firepod, try it…you might like it.

I have found the firepod great to work with. Since the pres are a good 3 steps up from what I was using, I find that I don’t have to mess with eq as much. Consequently, my mics sound a lot better, well, everything does…LOLOL

I’m thinking about getting the Firepd so we (the band) can record. We need it mainly to track drums.

Does the Firepod have phantom power for overhead mics (condenser).


Inputs one and two of the FIREPOD can be switched between microphone or instrument level while inputs three thru eight can be switched between microphone or line input. Phantom power (+48V) is available on every channel in groups of four. Channels 1 and 2 feature fully balanced send and return TRS connectors on the rear of the rugged metal chassis for inserting outboard dynamics, EQ and effects processors. The FIREPOD has eight balanced TRS line outputs as well two balanced TRS MAIN outputs as well as CUE outputs for addtional monitoring.

TG :)

I use N-Track with my Forepod, instead of the Cubase LE that shipped with it.

Simple reason…The Cubase LE crashes more than Evel Knievel, and the N-Track works like a dream with it.

Enuff said!

And yes…

The Firepod has phantom power on ALL 8 tracks, as well as XLR/1’4 plug combo.

Definitely a good choice for micing/tracking drums.


I have been researching the Firepod more over the last few days. Here are some notes directly from an email with a PreSonus email:

1. (In reponse to any known issues with certain Firewire chipsets): “We ultimately recomend using a firewire card that ONLY has s400 connections and preferrably with a Texas Instruments or VIA chipset.”

2. (In response to whether a faster RPM drive would be a good idea in a notebook): "Also, HD speed is a marginal improvement upon performance. We have no reccomend brands. Honestly, an external HD connected USB2.0 would be optimal."

Directly from PreSonus website (also posted on another topic in this forum):
Presonus Firepod Webpage

"Laptops with the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP chipset have shown consistent problems with pops/clicks on playback. You can check for this chipset in the Device Manager/Display Adapters. We strongly recommend that you do not get a system with this chipset, as there is not currently a workaround for this incompatibility."

Other than that, I have read good things about these units. Zzounds has them for $520 including a $100 4-port headet amp from PreSonus.


Quote (please_oceancloud @ June 16 2005,03:14)
Does it work with n-track? Im going to buy one and I am wondering if I’ll just switch over to Cubase when I buy it.

Hi Please,

My girlfriend is a professional singer and we use a Firepod for recording both in a studio/office setting as well as live recordings. We have never even cracked open Cubase and have been using n-Track 24-bit with it the entire time we’ve owned it (and with Presonus’ older Firestation box as well). Last evening, I recorded a concert rehearsal with 6 mics, all being recorded in 24-bit/48KHz simultaneously to separate tracks, with all mics supplied with phantom power and with the Main CR output on the back of the box fed to an auditorium’s PA system line input to allow the signal (equal mix of all the mic pre-map outputs) to be used for room sound reinforcement as well.