Presonus firepod



I am new to the digital recording age and have the firepod digital interface and seem to be having some issues with the proper way to configure with N-Tracks. I am currently able to get a signal as far as recording a track but I am not able to playback the file.

Does anyone here also use the presonus firepod digital interface? If so, would you be able to help me out with my issues?

I have a Gateway 3.06 P4 laptop with 1 gig of ram a 7200 rpm HD.

Thanks a million
BogoZ :D

Just a thought; have you gone over to the Presonus web-site and looked up tech support? Sounds like a basic I/O routing issue.
A lot of these hardware pieces have a software mixer-applet that you use to route your incoming/outgoing signal. One pair of Outs, for instance, might be assigned as your Main Outs from n-Track, and you hook up your monitor speakers from the corresponding jacks on the hardware.

But no, I don’t have the Firepod. Mine is a pretty specifically uninformed answer- but most of these things appear to have a similar procedure. I’ve been doing homework…

Thank you for your response. I have taken care of the issue through Presonus and now have a fully functional digital recording studio. The problem was a simple PCMICA card which was sold to me that has USB and firewire connections. Some how or another the USB conflicts with the firewire and the end result is not pretty. Anywho, I bought the correct cord with a 6 to 4 pin firewire connection and got rid of the PCMICA card and every thing is working as it should.:smiley: