Press kits

I need to put together a press kit for my band in order to play at some local clubs and whatnot. Of course, as a young band, we have no real concert reviews or anything. Does anyone have any advice for what we should include? Thanx. I have never made a press kit and have no idea where to start.

Demo, bio, photo, maybe some posters/flyers, probably in order of importance.

Something to consider…are you a dance band? We played locally this past weekend as our first gig with this duo thing and the bar owner promoted us as "come and dance the night away to the “R.I.F. Cruisers” welllll were just a duo and don’t see ourselves as a dance band even tho you can dance to a lot of our stuff but it wasn’t what the owner expected. we’re a lounge thing more than a dance hall thing so we probably won’t play there again. These people even came and saw us at a gig where each group did 3-4 songs so they had heard us…but oh well what ya gonna do? make sure they know what you are about.


Go to and it has a section on kits there.