Problem installing 4.0.3.

I d/l’d the latest version(4.0.3.)but I can’t get it to load on my recording comp!I get a message saying I need a newer version of windows installer,which I had never heard of.I d/l’d a newer version but maybe not new enough?
I d/l’d Ntrack from my family computer(an Xp machine)and burned it onto a CD and imported it to my recording machine(Win 98.)My recording comp isn’t online.I have another Win 98 machine I mess around on that doesn’t seem to have a problem w/the upgrade.Any ideas?

Yeah, you need to upgrade the Windows Installer for Win98. I believe this is the correct Microsoft site here (see the InstMsiA.exe file at the bottom).


Edit: This has come up before, IIRC–I think this should be added to the FAQ.


Thank you Scantee,worked like a charm!
I did do a search before posting but perhaps my wording wasn’t effective.