Problem making my first recording

The recording halts randomly

I am a newbie making my first recording for the first time with the latest application.

I believe I have succesfully configured the program for my M-audio Delta 10/10. I am trying to record 8 simultaneous tracks. I am seeing levels for the tracks, and when I record a short clip, I am getting good recording for all 8 tracks. I can playback these tracks and adjust levels with the mixer. But when I let the recorder run for a long time, like to record an entire song, it halts itself some time after 20 seconds - 9 minutes. Usually it runs for about 4-5 minutes before halting.

I am not trying to do any DSP or anything special other than simply making a recording 8 tracks at 44kHz. My 600Mhz PIII CPU seems to hover around 20% utilization during the recording process, but spikes a bit during the halt, apparently to render the graphical view of the recorded tracks. My system is a Windows 2000 SP4 with no other software running.

I tried increasing the buffers to “Very high buffering” and I also tried lowering the sample rate to 32KHz for the recording, but recording still halts after a few minutes.

Not sure what to do. Any ideas?



Try lowering your buffer settings. That happens to me sometimes with my Echo Audio Gina24 & the Echo people told be to lower the buffer settings.

Thanks for the reply. I will try that when I am with my recording computer again after the holiday weekend.

Flavio emailed me and gave me a list of things to try and the problem was resolved when I switched from ASIO drivers to WDM drivers. Thanks Flavio!