problem recording more than one track

help please!

when i record one track, let’s say a guitar directly plugged into the computer. then i record a second track, vocals, after that.
my problem is on the second track i can hear the vocals on playback but for some reason i hear the guitar as well on track 2. how do i make it so each track is individual?
thanks for your help!

This comes up a lot. In fact I think the same question was already answered this week…

Here’s the quick answer.

You need to make sure that the mixer for your soundcard is set correctly. For many cards this is done via the Windows mixer.

Pull up the mixer and go to the RECORDING properties. Look at what recording source is set. Whatever is set in here is what n_track will record. It should be set to record the input that you are using (eg LINE IN), not WAVE or WHAT YOU HEAR or STEREO MIX or anything like that.

Check that out. Should get you sorted.


it’s times like these when i feel like a moron.
thanks mark! :)