Problem registering 2727 64 bits

bug registering 2727.


Yesterday, after installing 2727 64 bits I
´m getting the registering msg “This beta version will expire in 3 (today 2) days” Purchase now or buy the program.

As I was a registered NTS V6, I supposed that it was necesary to upgrade the propram by paying.

After buying the new license and enter the new codes, I still have the same problem.

In this moment I have 2 liceses :peace: and tomorrow NTS will start in demo mode… ???

Anyone with the same problem??

As I understand all beta’s will expire regardless of registering. You can down the latest beta version and keep going or download v2692 which is not in beta and use your codes.


the problem should now be fixed. The build number still shows 2727 but the Beta will not expire until June 20th so the prompt should be gone when you register. If you download the 2727 build now,and instill it the problem should be gone.

same problem here.

tried the beta, got the message about the trial nearly being over this morning. Tried to reenter my registration codes but it wouldn’t accept them. Went back to the latest stable build still wont accept my registration codes.

just downloaded the beta again but it still wont accept my codes.

I’ve just upgraded to windows 7 so initally I thought that was what had caused the problems.

moggy2, you need to send Flavio a note about the problem. If your codes are good they should work, but there may be a slip up, particularly if the program has been registered a number of times to different computers.

Thnx for the help. You’re right, beta versions have a fixed expiration date. The next beta will expire later. Anyway l have reinstaled de previous non beta version.

Thnx all, and Flavio. :agree: