Problem saving

ntrack saves empty wav files


i bought an echo indigo i/o card, and would like to use it to make CDs out of my LPs. i am running the evaulation version of n-track. i think i have it figured out recording, but there are two issues i have with the software.
i record one LP side, then hit save. i can view all 16 minutes of music. if i open a new page, and open the track again, it has only saved 30 seconds of music. Why?
Second after 12 tries to record 4 sides, i convert the .sng files to .wav to burn a CD. n-track saves an empty .wav file. Again why?

is this normal? or is it the evaulation?

laptop is 2.7/512/40 toshiba running XP home

I think the SNG file is the PROJECT FILE, not the WAV file.

After you have your tracks on the timeline, you need to mix down to another WAV file.

What do you mean when you say you OPEN A NEW PAGE?

Dave T2

Nevermind, i figured out the problems i was having.
For some reason when i opened some of the files, it only showed 30-40 seconds of music. But i noticed a small ball at the end of the display, and could drag the whole thing out with that. Is there a shortcut to display the entire track when this happens?
With saving i was using “save as”, if i use the mixdown icon it works fine.

By open new page i meant “open new”