Problem w/Audio tracks made from MIDI.

Recorded @ 120bpm, playback like 180bpm

I setup my metronome settings at 120bpm, with MIDI output going out Channel 10 to my Emu Esynth, where Channel 10 I have set up as my Drum Acoustic Kit. The audio out of my Emu goes into my Wami Rack 192x inputs 3/4 (a pair). Using Asio for both input and output, and have turned off all inputs except Wami 3/4; 96khz; 24-bits. When I test the metronome with these settings, everything is fine… I hear exactly what I want through my headphones. When I then record just to get a long audio file I can use as my tick track, everything sounds fine BUT when I play it back the audio file is at about 180bpm, and the instrument playback frequencies are correspondingly higher. Probably missing something easy but can’t figure out what it is. Any ideas?

Something sample rate related, perhaps??

Thanks for the reply. I have tried it at 44.1, 48, and 96khz without any change in the rendered audio file… sounds the same no matter what sampling freq. Even tried rebooting! :slight_smile: The rendered audio is half the length of the final audio I expected and the drum parts are higher frequency and…

Ok… this is weird… I had been typing the above, and went back into n-track to see if I could figure out the rendered audio freq’s BPM. So I had to create a new audio track from midi. When I did so, it came out RIGHT!! Five minutes before that it was WRONG! No changes on my part! That was at 48Khz, so I tried the test again at 96Khz. Perfect! If anyone can explain THAT one to me you’re good!

if you didn’t have an audio track before and just midi- maybe you have your soundcard set as the “timer” in the preferences and you sample rate was changing without an audio track to “set” it.

it definitely was a sample rate issue though.

I think you hit it pretty close to on the head, guitars69. When I had recorded the midi track, I had no audio tracks (that I remember). But for some reason it eventually worked. It got even stranger when I used the rendered audio tick track as a backing beat for rhythm guitar (my second track). During recording only (not during playback), the tick track was at 120 bpm but the freq was several octaves BELOW what I expected. Tonight it’s fine when recording, but I have also set the system as the timer.

So is the correct way to “prepare” any given song to record 10 seconds of silence at the appropriate freq, bit rate, etc? If so, is that an n-track issue, a sound card issue, or combo of both?

You should not HAVE to record a few seconds of silence. My guess is you found a brain fart in the machine or drivers somewhere… the old reboots fix 75% of all problems. However, you probably do want to record at least a measure or two of silence in the beginning of every song to use as a count in.

Thanks, I’ve usually been recording two bars worth of silence/tick track before any kind of intro.