Problem with ASIO

I got my Delta 44 just few days ago, but everytime i choose deltaASIO for recording or playback there will be nice organsound added every 20 seconds (it`s driving me mad!) I uppgraded latest version of Ntrack today, but still keeps piiping. Tell me please what to do?

Have you registered N-track? Or are you using the 16 bit version with 24 bit drivers?

What bubba said.

If you did register n for 24bit support, mail Flavio.
He’ll sort you out in no time


Thanks guys for quick answeres, I sent mail to Flavio. So now I am waiting…

Flavio is on vacation until Oct 3rd. Be patient. I don’t know if he’ll be on email, but it’s best to assume he won’t be until after he gets back. Until then just use 16 bits.

I exactly the same problem with EMU 0404 and upgraded to 24 bit - problem solved.

The problem is with the soundcard. N is flexible enough to cater for both 24 and 16 bit ASIO, while the EMU card caters only for 24 bit, i.e. you can’t force it to be backward compatible to 16 bit sound and therefore work with your 16 bit N set-up. You might be able to do this on the Delta 44 though