Problem with Reversed playback

related to undo somehow

I want to reverse my fuzz guitar solo. Psychedelia, maan… :peace:

I have definately been able to make it happen earlier by selecting a part of the track and pressing reverse button, but lately I heve been getting these nagging messages:


1. Unable to open wave file for writing E:
track-undo 4.wav
(number varying)


2. Can’t create undo: aborting operation

Wonder what can I do about it.

I use version 4.2.1 2099. Motu 8pre, HP laptop, Lacie hd in usb 2.0. I think Motu is the new part in my system after it worked, but maybe something changed in settings when I started to use it.

I do have a workaround (copying the wav file, opening it up in Audacity, reverse it there, saving it and importing it back to song file in N-track), but isn’t it a bit too much?

Varakeef, if not too much trouble I would start a new project and drop the waves in and try saving a new name on the project. Something could have become corrupt in the old save file of the project maybe?

I don’t think it’s the case of corrupted file since reversing doesn’t work on any song file in my computer. Not on old songs, not on a new song that I just recoded for testing purposes.

I know it’s a drag…
However, try reverting n-Track to default… in the preferences… Then try reversing the track again… I don’t reverse tracks…


This is strange and I think it has something to do with my computer vs. interface combination. Even with the new versions I can reverse tracks at home but not in studio.

The only difference with the new cverions of N is the fact that it doesn’t say anything about “Unable to open wave file” etc - they just won’t reverse. Nuthin’ happens.

Craptops, eh? :laugh: